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Total Submitted Words: 986,161,246
Total Rewrite Request: 1,799,276


What is this tool about?

This tool is named "Article Spinning", "Article Rewrite" or "Content Rewrite". But they have the same function that is rewriting old content into new content.

Article spinning is a search engine optimization technique by which blog or website owners post a unique version of relevant content on their sites. It works by rewriting existing articles, or parts of articles, and replacing elements to provide a slightly different perspective on the topic.

Many article marketers believe that article spinning helps avoid the feared penalties in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) for using duplicate content. If the original articles are plagiarized from other websites or if the original article was used without the copyright owner's permission, such copyright infringements may result in the writer facing a legal challenge, while writers producing multiple versions of their own original writing need not worry about such things.

From Wikipedia

How to use it?

Just copy the English article you want to rewrite into the box and click Rewrite it, the tool will replace some words/phrases by their synonyms, you will get the article with spintax inside. Spintax or spin syntax is the list of text, sentences, or synonyms that are embedded into an article, etc: {| | |}.

Click Spin It, the tool will rotate the text in spintax and generate a full spun version of your article. You can get a new spun version by clicking New Spun button.

There are some option you can select when use this tool.

  • Protected words: the words you want to be skipped from the tool. It can be keywords, or something should not be rewritten.
  • Synonym Engine: each engine have different database so it will generate different result. Try all of them to get your best result.
  • Rewrite Mode: Tell the tool the minimum length of words/phrases you want to rewrite. For example, the words "I am" will not be rewritten in "Every three words" mode. Low minimum will improve the uniqueness but hurt the meaning of the content.
  • Remove the original word: Remove the original words from spun version, this help improve unique rate but hurt the readable.